Summer is quickly approaching and we want to provide you with a few updates/reminders:

The Homestead Hills Metro District (HHMD) has taken ownership of the community from KB Home.

The transfer of ownership was delayed because the HHMD was holding KB Home financially responsible for fixing several issues within the community instead of passing the cost on to the homeowners. In the next few weeks you’ll begin to see repairs taking place within the community (dead trees/plants removed, sod replaced, irrigation systems repaired, structure repairs around the park, etc.). Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the community.

It is getting warmer out and now is the time to turn on your drip irrigation systems! Each unit has a drip irrigation system that delivers water to the plants on your property. The valve to turn on the water for your drip irrigation system is located near the main water shutoff in your home (if you have a basement, it is located there). The control panel for the drip irrigation system is located in the garage. We highly recommend turning on your drip irrigation systems, as property owners/residents are responsible for maintaining plants/trees on their property, as well as replacing or removing dead plants/trees (and
covering holes resulting from plant/tree removal).
If you are a tenant and are unsure of how to turn on your drip irrigation system, please reach out to your landlord for assistance.

All units are required to comply with the HHMD Covenants/Guidelines.

HHMD Covenants/Guidelines can be found at https://homesteadhillsmd.com. Beginning June 15th, property owners/residents that are not in compliance with the HHMD Covenants/Guidelines will begin receiving non-compliance notices. Fines will be sent to property owners/residents that do not correct violations within the timeframe detailed in the non-compliance notice. If you are a tenant and your landlord is responsible for complying with the community Covenants/Guidelines, please send us an email at [email protected] and include your landlord’s contact information.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to [email protected].

Homestead Hills Management Team