wheel barrow with tree cuttings

As your new management company, we would like to offer a friendly reminder of the rules for Homestead Hills, as set forth in the governing documents.

Our staff monitors the Covenant compliance for the neighborhood, and we have noticed that many properties are not currently in compliance with the Covenants/Guidelines regarding the following:

  • Each Owner shall maintain all landscaping on such Owner’s Unit, and on adjacent tree lawn areas, in a neat and attractive condition, including removal of weeds and debris.
    • Weeds need to be pulled or sprayed
    • Dead plants/trees need to be replaced or removed
      • If you choose to replace your plants, we recommend the following species, as they are native to Colorado and require minimal maintenance:
        • Dwarf species of Mugo Pine, Lilac, Dogwood, and Blue Spruce.
        • Feather Reed Grass, Switchgrass, Grama Grass, and Creeping Juniper
      • If you choose to remove your plants, the resulting holes need to be filled and covered. We also recommend capping off your drip system in areas where plants have been removed
  • No unsightly conditions, structures, facilities, equipment, or objects shall be so located on any Unit as to be visible from a street or from any other Unit.
    • This includes taking down holiday decorations (of any kind) in a timely manner
  • No refuse, garbage, trash, lumber, grass, shrubs or tree clippings, plant waste, metal, bulk materials, scrap, or debris of any kind shall be kept, stored, or allowed to accumulate on a Unit, unless placed in a suitable tightly covered container.
    • Accumulated garbage and tumbleweeds need to be removed at a regular cadence
    • Garbage containers need to be stored out of sight, unless on regularly scheduled pick-up days
  • Stored vehicles and vehicles which are inoperable or do not have current operating licenses are not permitted on the Property except within enclosed garages. For purposes of this Section, the ARC may determine whether a vehicle is considered “stored.” For example, a vehicle may be considered to be “stored” if it is up on blocks or covered with a tarpaulin and remains on blocks or so covered for seventy-two (72) consecutive hours without prior approval. (which may be with conditions and/or requirements) of the ARC.
    • It has been noted that there are a few cars within the District with expired plates and/or inoperable. These vehicles are not permitted in the District, and they will be towed at the owner’s expense if not removed or parked in a garage. Notices will be posted on violating vehicles next week.

Please take the necessary actions to resolve any of the above issues that apply to your unit/vehicles by June 15, 2023 to avoid any further action.

You may access the governing documents on your owner portal or find them on this District website.

While we understand that you may not have been aware of the rules, we appreciate your attention to this matter. This post is intended to be a friendly head’s up to please correct this item. Please contact our office if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Homestead Hills Management Team